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Announcing the winners of our “Nehaya” Remix contest! Congratulations to 7aviators (Ahmed Hassan & Amr Abdel-Rahman) for their groovy oriental deep house remix and for reaching first place based on judging and people’s choice; Mostafa Ghazal, 2nd place, for his remarkable fusion remix, and Moaz Abdulnabi, 3rd place, for his electronically cool production. (Links of Remixes below)


Thanks to my fellow judges, our partners Gamma music & Alfanny store; and a major thank you to every music producer/remixer who has participated in the contest; we have received over 130 remixes; many of which were great! And on a personal level, I was surprised and super happy seeing this number of exceptionally talented producers. Keep going!


7aviators Remix:


Ghazal Remix:


Moaz Remix:

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